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The generation of warfare that immediately came to my mind while thinking about

The generation of warfare that immediately came to my mind while thinking about the most ethical one is the Second Generation of Warfare. Lind writes “The focus was inward on rules, processes and procedures. Obedience was more important than initiative (in fact, initiative was not wanted, because it endangered synchronization), and discipline was top-down imposed” (2004). I believe that when it comes to war there needs to be extreme discipline in order to reduce unnecessary casualties. I believe that when troops become reckless and lack this discipline there can be a negative impact on the overall mission which could result in these unnecessary casualties. I think that when it comes to warfare in regards to ethics my main goal is to reduce unnecessary suffering involved with the conflict. There will always be suffering when it comes to warfare but it should always be targeted as well as important to achieve the mission.
An attribute of the Fourth Generation of warfare that will be crucial in future conflicts involves tactics. According to Lind “many of the tactics Fourth Generation opponents use are standard guerilla tactics. Others, including much of what we call “terrorism”, are classic Arab light cavalry warfare carried out with modern technology at the operational and strategic, not just tactical, levels.” (2004). The enemy is using classic tactics against us but with modern technology so the same has to be used against the enemy. I think that the tactics will stay somewhat the same with future conflicts there will just be a higher level of technology involved during every new conflict. It is important to adapt with technology because if it is not done then the enemy will most likely adapt and have a better advantage in future conflicts.
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