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The homework has four steps, each step needs to be answered from the book and ar

The homework has four steps, each step needs to be answered from the book and articles that mentioned for each step, please use only two books and the articles that I posted here to answer and don’t use anything else.
FIRST STEP: Read the Qur’an (Sura 4). (PDF file is uploaded down)

SECOND STEP: Issues of translation/interpretation (tafsir):  Read article (Social Agency and Translating the Qur’an). (PDF file is uploaded down), (First Woman to Translate the Qur’an in English).  Please note that I added another article from the New York Times in the same folder (PDF file is uploaded). You may skim this one (no questions asked). The questions below are based on the first article written by Patrick D’Silva.

THIRD STEP: Read chapter 7 (Women and Gender in the Muslim World) in Islam in the Modern World book (IMW) (pp. 152-171) 
Here is this book:

FOURTH STEP: Turn to Islam in Transition book (IT)
Read Amina Wadud (Rights and Roles of Women) on pp. 157-169. 
Here is this book:
Check the Word file that I uploaded and use it to read all questions then answer them on the file, all answers should be as requested in the file.

Note: providing quotes from the documents as evidence is essential, but, please, do not forget to add your own words and analysis, and the page numbers. Explain each reference that you make, particularly why it is relevant to the question you are answering. This is especially important in your Islam in Transition step. For the notes you take from your textbook, Islam in the Modern World. However, for both exercises, I require that you use complete sentences, not fragments.
In general: 

Do not use “it seems,” “I believe”
Do not use contractions of any kind
Do not use the passive voice.  Instead of writing “Islam was understood by Muslims,” please write “Muslims understood Islam…” 
Do not use fragments (your sentences should be complete: subject, verb, complement)
Avoid run-on-sentences.  In other words, your sentences should not be too long! Do not repeat “and…and…and…and” or “which…, which…, which…” in the same sentence.
No “I,” “you,” “we,” “us.”
Do not use progressive present or past.  Instead of writing “he was defending,” please write “he defended.”
Do not use the semicolon (;). You do not know how to use it.


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