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The junior accounting team has assembled a Financing Report that (a) offers thre

The junior accounting team has assembled a Financing Report that (a) offers three options for securing the additional funds required to meet the new order; and (b) details the criteria Shaun, the owner of SunsTruck, would like you to consider when choosing one of the three options. Based on this report: Identify which financing option you think is the best option for SunsTruck to pursue given Shaun’s constraints. Write 3 sentences explaining the rationale for your decision.   Note: You should complete Steps 2 & 3 after reading the material in Week 5.   Step 2: Accounting Cycle A junior accountant is working to get everything in order for the new financing and has come to you with a question about what do next in the accounting cycle. Read the email the junior accountant sent you and identify the best next step to take in the accounting cycle. Write 2 sentences explaining your reasoning.   Step 3: Financial Statements A potential investor has been identified, but before it is willing to commit, it has requested information about SunsTruck’s current debt from the junior accountants. Identify the correct financial statement for your junior accountants that will provide the investor with the information it has requested. Write 2  sentences to explain to your junior accountants why you are giving them this financial statement and where the debt information is located.


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