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The objective of this assignment is for you to evaluate your own position as a c

The objective of this assignment is for you to evaluate your own position as a consumer and a citizen in the context of a globalizing food system. Our eating practices have both environmental and social impacts. How can we change the way we consume to make the food system more sustainable globally? Your paper should reference both World Hunger and Where am I Eating? (specific sections outlined below), and you should draw upon a case study from Where am I Eating? You should choose the set of chapters on coffee or lobster. Your final paper should be between 1000 and 1500 words long, use Times New Roman font (size 12), be double-spaced, and have one inch margins. In-text citations and references should be in APA style. No quotations allowed. Paraphrase. The following list includes points that must be covered, as well as a suggested outline: 1. Outline why we should think about the global environmental and social consequences of our eating practices. Cite specific statistics (in APA style!). Conclude the introductory paragraph with a thesis statement outlining your position on how individual consumers/citizens in the Global North could have an impact on creating a more sustainable food system globally. Your thesis statement should articulate your own position on the subject (how is it different or similar to what Lappe and Timmerman have to say?). 2. The following paragraph(s) should address why we should be concerned about the social and environmental conditions of food production. For this section you should choose a part of Where am I Eating? (either all the chapters on coffee, or all of the chapters on lobster) and describe the social, economic, and environmental conditions of production. How does the social world influence the natural world, and vice versa? Conclude by critically examining efforts to make lobster or coffee production more sustainable (as described by Timmerman). 3. The next section of your paper should summarize Lappe’s argument in Myth 10, and focus on concrete strategies to transform the food system. Describe one example from “Economics of Living Democracy” or “New Rules for Democratic Economies” and one example from “Governance for Living Democracies” that resonated with you and explain why (if none resonated with you, choose two examples and explain why they do not resonate with you). How is her argument similar to and different from Timmerman’s? Describe one similarity and one difference. 4. The last section should draw upon Timmerman’s “My Life: Product of USA” and Lappe’s “Beyond the Myths of Hunger: The Takeaways,” “Right-to-Food Fundamentals,” and “Connection and Action Opportunities: What can we do?” Identify two strategies that are realistic for you to implement. Explain how your own actions as a citizen/consumer could address at least three significant issues in the natural and human world. What are challenges to becoming a more engaged citizen/consumer in the food system, and how can those challenges be addressed?


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