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The patient protection and affordablity care act has been designed to add value

The patient protection and affordablity care act has been designed to add value to the health care setting by ensuring all Americans have access to quality and affordable health care. The act was designed to create ” transformation within the health care system to contain cost while improving quality and efficiency of health care by preventing chronic disease while improving public health.”( The act was designed to improve access to innovative medical therapies and it also created an avenue to eliminate discriminatory practices by health insurance such as pre-existing conditions. “Importance of value added health service and the affordable care acts which is a long-term impact on patient care.’ Ex: The importance of long term impact ensure that all Americans will have access to health insurance and the second importance is the tax credit everyone will received which makes the health insurance affordable for everyone. The next importance of long term care is the impact on patient protection and affordable care act which is the prevention of chronic disease and improving public health. The prevention of chronic disease will help individual to live longer and healthier. The next issue I would like to discuss is the importance of the overall health insurance for children. The program known as CHIP, the program ensures that family with children can have access to health insurance. The CHIP program bridges the gap for low income having with children the access of having insurance for your children that covers dental and specialist coverage which helps ensure children are healthy. The CHIP programs “translates into gains in school performance and educational attainment over the longer term, with potentially positive implications for both individual economic well-being and productivity in the overall economy.”


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