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The subject name “Managing Digital Innovation”Final Essay 2,500 words including

The subject name “Managing Digital Innovation”Final Essay 2,500 words including reference ( 40 marks)Strict for turnitin check, please dont copy and pasteEssay requirementEngage with the following provocative statements:”Artificial intelligence (AI) makes better decisions than humans”Write in dialectic style >provide arguments for and against the statement and conclude with a synthesis >your own opinion and justified evaluation:– Thesis: informed argument for the statement of your choice.– Antithesis: informed argument against the statement of your choice.– Synthesis: provide your own, informed and justified assessment of the topic.– Clarity of your line of argument (expression of thesis and antithesis) – 10 marks – Your evaluation of the argument (synthesis, critical thinking, justification) – 10 marks – Appropriate use of relevant distinctions (conceptual toolbox) in your analysis – 10 marks – The sources/materials you select to back up your analysis – 5 marks – Form: word count, language, presentation and referencing, please use APA 6threferencing – 5 marks I have attached the slide in class and the reading provided by lecture so you can take some information from them to write an essay about AI ( Kindly not to use them as the reference)


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