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The Yellow Wallpaper Discussion

Choose ONE of the following questions to answer in a well-developed paragraph.  Use one or two brief quotations from the story to prove your point.

1) We have said that first person narrators are unreliable (go back and view the Introduction to Fiction Powerpoint if you need a refresher on what this means).  Look specifically at how the narrator describes the room she stays in and/or her relationship with her husband.  How is her perception of these things different from what we know to be reality?

2) We have talked about intertextuality (go back and view the How to Read Like a Professor Powerpoint if you need a refresher on what this means).  “The Yellow Wallpaper” and Trifles were written at the same time period.  What similarities do you see between the two works, especially in the relationships between women and men?

As always, I encourage you to create dialogue with other students and may assign extra points to particularly thought-provoking conversations.


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