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This week we will analyze videotaped presentations made by leaders who are very

This week we will analyze videotaped presentations made by leaders who are very skilled in visioning. Three speeches have been chosen for you to analyze. You may also compare their content and style. Choose at least one of the speeches, and use the following for your analysis. You do not have to answer each question under Style and Content, but use this as a guide for your analysis:Style – Are there any examples of colorful, vivid imagery or language? Slogans? Symbols? Are there any examples of shared beliefs and traditional values? Is there a use of repetition in words, phrases, or sentence structure? What about the use of voice (tone, inflection, pauses) and non-verbals (e.g., posture, gestures, facial expressions) to express emotion, intensity, and meaning? Did these leaders “know themselves”? Would their style be useful in the current age of healthcare reform?Content – Has the need for change been established? Is there a a vision of a possible future situation that appeals to people’s hopes and desires for something better? Did the leader present a promising, innovative strategy for attaining the vision in general terms, without too much detail? Did the leader talk about the challenge of achieving the vision, the need for dedication, courage, persistence, creativity, and possibly self-sacrifice? Did the leader express optimism that the vision can be attained, despite the obstacles? I don’t want researched not attatching APA 300 Words


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