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Topic: sustainable organisational designIdentify a particular organisation (be i

Topic: sustainable organisational designIdentify a particular organisation (be it for profit, non-profit or any other type) of your choice, and imagine that the Executive Board has commissioned your team of experts to undertake the following analysis and present your findings to the board in a 20-minute presentation:You are asked to evaluate the future readiness of the organisation, and present relevant suggestions to the Executive Board that they can consider in their decision-making moving forward. You are advised to base your recommendations on: • the consideration of the organisation’s operational model, • the evaluation of the alignment between organizational purpose and design, • the analysis of the company’s position in its current operating environment, and • the identification of required changes to relevant design features to increase the organisation’s sustainability, and that you present a documented proposal to implement these changes.The organisation chosen is SONY. THE POINTS THAT I NEED TO FOCUS ON ARE :Industrial networks and strategic alliances AND Organisational ecosystem For SONY.Word Count: 600 (Its a presentation)


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