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 Topic: Transformational leadership  See attachments in the link below. https://

 Topic: Transformational leadership  See attachments in the link below. Complete your third Critical Incident (CI) report this week.  Critical incidents are significant events, happenings, occurrences,  confrontations, or other experiences that have a strong impact on your  project, provide you with an important learning experience associated  with your project, give you new insights for your project, and/or offer  you a change of perspective on your project. You are required to report on 1 critical incident each week. You can pull from the lists,  or create your own CI categories. Also, remember you are required to  associate your learning from the CI to your capstone project and at  least one.FormatCritical Incident #1:  (category)Explanation(provide detailed explanation of the incident)Learning Outcome of CI(what did you learn as a result of the CI?)Essential Competency(what EC does your learning relate to? Why?)———————————————————————————————————- In addition complete week status form in attachment.  Teamwork, Human Relations and Organizational Effectiveness 


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