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[Using both Excel (show your work) and SPSS]A psychologist would like to examin

[Using both Excel (show your work) and SPSS]A psychologist would like to examine how the rate of presentation affects people’s ability to memorize a list of words. A list of 20 words is prepared. For one group of participants the list is presented at the rate of one word every half second. The next group gets one word every second. The third group gets one word every two seconds, and the fourth group gets one word every three seconds. After the list is presented, the psychologist asks each person to recall the entire list. The dependent variable is the number of errors in recall. The data from this experiment are as follows:       Half second                    1 second                   2 seconds                 3 seconds            4                                        0                                  3                                  0            6                                        2                                  1                                  2            2                                        2                                  2                                  1Can the psychologist conclude that the rate of presentation has a significant effect on memory?Also, calculate the appropriate effect size for this test.


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