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Using RAPTOR, create a flowchart program to solve the following problem. Attach

Using RAPTOR, create a flowchart program to solve the following problem. Attach your .rap file created when you save your flowchart. Use subroutines and functions with parameters and arguments. In RAPTOR, all data from a file must be loaded into an array to be manipulated. Be aware that RAPTOR processes each record in a data file as a complete entity; there is no way to distinguish one field from another. So, you must use a separate file for each field and keep the files parallel. Any manipulation that must be done (sorting, searching, and so on) must be done to the arrays in parallel and the files must be rewritten from the resulting arrays. The Eversoft Eraser Company has a list of its customers’ names (not necessarily in alphabetical order) and telephone numbers in a file named “customer” with records of the following form: last_name (String), first_name (String), phone_number (String) a. Create 3 files to load into 3 arrays, one for each field in the “customer” file. Type at least 10 records into the files as test data. Name the files last_name.txt, first_name.txt, and phone_num.txt. Make sure that at least 2 of the last names are the same for testing purposes. b. Load the files into parallel arrays and display the list of customers’ names and phone numbers in alphabetical order. c. Allow the user to input a last name, then search the last_name.txt file and display all names and phone numbers corresponding to that last name.


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