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Using the Internet and World Wide Web, consider choosing one of the following ei

Using the Internet and World Wide Web, consider choosing one of the following eight legal research projects and post a report on your findings on the main Discussion Board of the course by no later than the last week of classes. These eight topics are only suggestions. If you would rather submit a research paper on a different legal issue that is fine, but you must first clear it with me so that I can be sure you are not taking on a project that is either too complex or will result in an overly-long paper. The report must not be longer than 5 pages, not including citations and a source page. Be sure to identify in your report which legal research project you are writing about. And be sure to support your research with citations to authorities by using either footnotes or end notes as well as a bibliography page. A failure to do so will result in a substantial reduction in points. Google, Yahoo and Find-A-Law are good search engine choices to begin your research, as well as the legal research links located in External Links in our Online Classroom. DO NOT CITE TO WIKIPEDIA! 1. Legal History: Locate information on the Magna Carta. What is it? What are its influences on early and current America law? 2. Using Legal Terms: Type some of the Legal Terms weve studied in our textbook into a search engine. Then, answer these questions: What terms did you choose? Why? Where did these terms come up in your search results – court cases; newspapers; legal research sites? How are the terms used? Are they used correctly? Why, or why not. 3. Offers on the Internet: Locate advertisements on the Web that contain either offers or mere invitations to negotiate or offer a bid. Share your results in the report and provide reasons for your classification of the ads as either an offer or invitation to bid. 4. Disaffirming Contracts Made By Minors: Many states have statutes that deny disaffirmance if the minor has signed a written statement falsely asserting adult status. Find two of these states and compare the similarities or differences between their statutes. 5. Professional Licensing: Locate and report on the licensing requirements in the State or City of New York for operating bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. 6. Prenuptial Agreements: Locate information about prenuptial agreements and share your findings in the report. 7. Breach of Contract: Locate a news story or case involving a breach of contract. What are the facts? What were the legal arguments. Who won? Why? Do you agree with the outcome? Why, or why not? 8. Professional Responsibilities: Locate sites dealing with professional business liability; for example, accountants, marketers, architects and engineers, attorneys, healthcare professionals, and so on. Choose one and report on the ethical and legal obligations of the practitioners in that field.


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