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 | Weesection of your Learning LearTo  Course  section Required ReadingsRequired

 | Weesection of your Learning LearTo  Course  section Required ReadingsRequired MediaOptional ResourcesDiscussion Spark: Selecting a PartnerIndividuals vary with respect to the processes through which they select a mate. Relationships may begin through dating, courtship, or arranged marriage.By Day 2Post a response to the following:How do you think the variations in the process of selecting a partner affect relationship quality and satisfaction? Make sure you consider how culture plays into our norms in mate selection as you think through your answer to this question.Discussion Sparks are intended to generate ideas and spark thoughts before you review the week’s Learning Resources or begin your Assignments. Therefore, no APA citations of Learning Resources are required for your Spark posts. For this reason, your responses may be briefer than a regular Discussion post and are due on Day 2 (unlike regular Discussion posts, which are due on Day 4). A response post is not required, although you are welcome to respond to your Submission and Grading 


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