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you can go through my question and case i have provided of mac donalds. i need i

you can go through my question and case i have provided of mac donalds. i need it in with 10 academic refrencesand proper citation. the case sound be in report format with 1000 words.

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Assessment 3CASE STUDYDocument designMemo formatDue DateMonday 3rd September 9.00AM (QLD time)Length1000 words (+/- 10%)Weight25%
Assessment task
The objective of Assessment 3 is to understand the concept of ‘analysis’ and learn how to analyse information efficiently and effectively using a case study. According to Rosenwaser and Stephen (2009, p. 4), analysis is:

More than just a set of skills, analysis is a frame of mind, an attitude toward experience. It is a form of detective work that typically pursues something puzzling, something you are seeking to understand rather than something you are already sure you have the answers to.

Analysis finds questions where there seemed not to be any, and it makes connections that might not have been evident at first.

A business case study ‘is a description of an actual situation, commonly involving a decision, a challenge, an opportunity, a problem or an issue faced by a person (or persons) in an organization’ (Erskine, J.A. and Leenders, M.R., Learning with Cases, © 1997, Richard Ivey School of Business).

Cases contain relevant data about the issue available to the key person in the case, plus background information about the organisation.

The assessment 3 case study – McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Hype versus Reality

Companies around the globe are embracing and adopting social media for many different reasons, including: customer service, marketing, internal communications, public relations, and corporate social responsibility. It is now a reality that social media is changing the way stakeholders and companies communicate daily, providing opportunities for collaboration, participation, interactivity, and engagement. A key issue for organisations concerns the design of social media campaigns to encourage better media relations and more accurate reporting.

Your task is to analyse a business case study that chronicles a series of social media events that had…


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