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Your draft is an abbreviated version of the full paper. It should contain only t

Your draft is an abbreviated version of the full paper. It should contain only the following elements:Introduction:1.  One, clear paragraph containing:a.  Compelling quote, statistics, story and/or a combination of the aforementioned to capture the attention of your reader.b.  Discussion of the significance of the topic and your paper’s approach to the topic, which may include questions, statements of strategy, and/or quotes/statistics.c.  Complete, clear and compelling thesis statement.Background Information:1.  Multiple paragraphs (typically between three and five) of varying lengths in which you provide fact-based information necessary for your audience to understand your topic, such as:a.  Definitions of all key terms from the thesis.b.  Statistics, graphs and charts.c.  Historical context, events and chronology.d.  Legal decisions and political movements.e.  Important people/groups and places.f.  Geographical and demographic data/maps.Evidence:1.  One piece of evidence that supports one part of your thesis with use of 1-2 quotes and 2-3 paraphrases with in-text citations2.  1-2 statements of counterargument; and,3.  1-2 statements of rebuttal.  4.  Note: This should be presented in paragraph form.Conclusions:1.  A minimum of two paragraphs in which you provide:a.  A clear restatement of the thesis, in new language, and a summary of the best evidence you presented to prove your thesis.b.  In the case you did not prove your thesis or found it lacking, you should discuss this here.c.  If relevant, a personal testimony or anecdote, which has its connection to your thesis explained well.d.  Recommendations for future research; additional questions to consider; calls to action; solutions to problems presented; and, any other materials deemed relevant to the topic and your thesis.MLA-formatted Works Cited or APA-formatted References page:1.  All sources organized alphabetically by author’s last name, then title.  2.  If there is no author, then alphabetical by the title.3.    A minimum of six book/eBook and/or database sources – this number does not include the citations for the required images4.  Citations for any image used in the paper.


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